Tionna, 18
Bartlett High

Landon, 17
Bartlett High

I Tionna Thomas was a senior participant in the G.A.P Program this school year. The G.A.P Program has helped me tons this year. It has helped me build my employment skills and made me become more interactive with peers and the community. It's taught me how to be open minded and learn to embrace my skills. I was able to attend events that I was not aware of in Anchorage. I was able to meet new people at different small businesses and build professional references. I was assisted with building my resume and job search. I was able to get a part time job in October 2016 at Shockwave. Since my graduation in May, I was helped by G.A.P Program staff to get a full-time job at GCI in the call center with full benefits. I really appreciated being in this program and would hope it would continue to help other youth in the future.

I Landon Cooper was the only sophomore participant in the G.A.P program this past year. I got to help set up at events and participate functions in the community. I was also involved in a fashion show that lead to my picture being in the newspaper. The program also helped me create a resume and search for jobs.  I learned professionalism and built social skills. I attended several field trips in the program and it helped me figure out what I wanted to do when I graduate high school. The program staff pushed me to keep up on my grades and kept me focused. I am also able to continue the program until I graduate school.


This program is good for youth who want to do better in life.

Brian, 18

Service High

Hello, my name is Brian Moten. I was a junior participant in the G.A.P Program.

The G.A.P Program offered many opportunities to interact with the public while representing them. For many of us participants, we were proud to be a part of the program. Personally, I feel like I've learned a lot and matured throughout my attendance. This program has introduced me to many new jobs and possibilities and has enlightened me of what I'm capable of. I've gotten to meet loads of employers who are willing to hire me and do business with me to ensure I have a future job when I graduate next year. Not only does this program look great on ones resumé, but it makes the participant feel like they belong, and to me that is a very important key in running a program for young adults.


I'm excited about the future of the program and I know it will make hundreds of young adults feel as elevated as I do now.

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